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Nirvash Electric motorbike concept – | wordlessTech – Design Nature Science

June 8, 2013

Nirvash Electric motorbike concept – | wordlessTech – Design Nature Science.

Nirvash Electric Motocycle Concept

I’m not a big fan of electric motorcycles – yet.  I suppose that if I lived in a large city and used a motorcycle mostly for commuting to and from work, then an electric motorcycle would make a lot more sense for me.  Right now, however, electric motorcycles have neither the range, nor charging time, that they would need to make my “gotta have” list.

This concept bike from Nirvash (nope, I have never heard from them before, either) looks to be addressing at least one of my concerns.  Inside that super-futuristic shell is a bank of user replaceable batteries that can be swapped in about ten minutes.  That would allow a fresh charge shortly after arriving wherever the extra batteries were being charged.  This does nothing for the long distance rider, unless batteries could be exchanged like propane tanks for a back-yard grill at your bike shops or truck stops (yeah, I’m dreaming.  It’s a concept bike, roll with it…) across the country.  Not yet convenient, but getting there.

Before grabbing your checkbook, you should realize that this is still a concept bike.  I’m not even sure if a working prototype even exists.  All of the images in the article above look to be 3D renderings, or at least real images with the bike digitally included.

Just from looking for more information on this bike, I found many other concepts that I may have to pay a bit more attention too.  It must be time to open a new category here on G26 MotoBlog – Bikes of the Future.


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