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Long Way Round

March 10, 2014

Long Way Round Road of Bones

Long Way Round

I can’t stand reality shows.  In general, the only thing real about them is how much I hate them.  Granted, there are a few I do like:  Survivorman, Mythbusters…  I’m not sure you can really even call those reality shows, they are more like real-time documentaries.  At any rate, I found another reality show/real-time documentary that I really enjoy watching – Long Way Round.

Long Way Round is actually a video journal of a motorcycle trip undertaken by Ewan McGregor (yes, young Obi Wan Kenobi) and Charley Boorman (Ewan McGregor’s best friend and also the on-screen son of one of the characters in Deliverance).  Back to the trip, the pair, along with a camera man and occasional support crew attempt to ride bikes from London to New York City.

OK, fine, you got me.  Because the bridge from Russia to Sarah Palin’s back yard isn’t done yet they do fly from Russia to Alaska.

I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but I am enjoying watching the show on one of the online video services and am thinking about trying to watch the whole nine episodes in one sitting.

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  1. Mike Crandall permalink

    I remember watching a little bit of that back when it was on. I seem to remember that they hardly spent any time on their bikes due to breakdowns and mud covered “roads”. On a side note, I thought the name Boorman was familiar, and lo and behold he is the son of John Boorman, who directed the much underrated film Excalibur. So he’s got that going for him… which is nice.


    • They spend enough time on the bikes to break stuff. I also saw that Boorman’s dad was a director. I thought that was a bit too obscure of a reference. I’m surprised that you knew that, and more than a little curious WHY you know that.


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