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Hodge-podge, mish-mash, whatever…

November 1, 2014

OK.  I’ll admit it, I’m pretty much just going to phone this post in.  It’s not that I’m not interested in writing this, I just don’t know how interesting it’s going to be.  As anybody that knows me will tell you, I am very interested in the stuff I am interested in.  Wait, that didn’t come out right.  I should have written “As anybody that knows me will tell you, I am VERY interested in the stuff I am interested in.”  Restated, that means that I may have a bit of an obsessive streak in me when it comes to my hobbies.  Refer back to my post I Need Help… if you have any questions.

At any rate, I always find the stuff I write about to be quite interesting.  Personal experience has shown me, however, that the rest of the world isn’t always as passionate about my interests.  With that in mind I will do my best to keep this short and sweet, and, with hope, still interesting.

I managed to get a couple of late-season rides in this year.  For those of you that don’t live in the northern Rocky Mountain area of the USA, you have to remember that we have a reasonable riding season that lasts about six months in a good year.  True, I generally get to go for at least one ride a month, but in the middle of winter that ride may just be around the block before frostbite sets in (though heated bike parts help a lot).  Anywho, since my last post I have been able to ride to a University of Wyoming football game in Laramie with my wife – at her suggestion, even – and also take a ride around Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Wow, I’m not even into this one today.  Here are some pretty pictures from some of the rides I took this year.  Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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